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Embattled network news dinosaur, CBS, is suddenly, and I do mean SUDDENLY, taking the high road on election "coverage."

Apparently, there was a "story" on the rationale for the Iraq War in the works, but CBS has tabled it, having determined that it would be inappropriate this close to the election.


CBS couldn't care less about fairness in their election coverage and they apparently wouldn't know appropriate if it phoned in and warned them on the eve of a big smear job!

One might look at this story and be tempted to say, "Well, it seems they've learned their lesson over at CBS." That is certainly the intended effect of this story. And that's what really makes me sick ... all the posturing and smug, "there's nothing we value more than our impartiality and integrity" rhetoric, when they've so clearly demonstrated that they have neither.

There are two possibilities behind this story:

1. The first possibility is revealed in this line:
"CBS News spokeswoman Kelli Edwards would not elaborate on why the timing of the Iraq report was considered inappropriate."
The story was going to be a whack job on the President, but they can't run it now because CBS' bias would be even more obvious than it already is. Who would have thought that would even be possible? Think it through ... the line up was going to be memo story followed by Iraq War story ... followed by who knows what else? They had a whole lineup of "get the President" stories in the works.

2. There never was such a story. This is simply a "we've learned, you can still trust us," gesture.

I'm going to assume that other news organizations check their facts and go with option 1. But then again, it makes little difference to me. I wasn't planning on trusting CBS any time in the next Millenium anyway.


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