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Man, it is good to have football back!

- Troy "stuns" #17? Missouri: Why was Missouri #17? Because they are in the Big 12. Why did they lose to Troy? Because, despite being in the Big 12, they are Missouri and they are no good at football. Some day the pollsters will catch on to all of this.

- USC continues to roll. While they are still suspect, it appears the Trojans are doing everything possible to ensure that they will win or lose the championship on the field, not in the twisted iterations of the BCS formula.

- Notre Dame beats Michigan! Have rumors of the Irish demise been greatly exaggerated? No. Notre Dame is still a shell of their former self. Michigan, like most Big 10 teams, is a good team prone to playing well below its ability at times.

- Texas struggles with Arkansas. Texas and Oklahoma are there to perpetuate the myth of Big 12 dominance. Eventually they will play each other and one of them will have to win. Then the winner will be able to say, "Look we played Texas (or Oklahoma) and they're good, so we must be really good."

- Ohio State struggles at home (one of the largest, most home team friendly venues in sports) with Marshall. They'll continue to be ranked highly because hey! They won the championship two years ago, so they must be good this year. That's OK. The Buckeyes will not escape their heavy Big 10 schedule this time out.

- Fresno State! First Washington, and now they absolutely exposed and embarrassed Kansas State (#14 because they are in the Big 12). Too bad the FSU Bulldogs don't get to play any good teams this year. It'd be nice to see if they were the real deal. I saw part of that game btw ... Sproles is absolutely the only thing K State has going. Their QB's are horrendous and obviously there are some problems on D.

- Indiana beats Oregon! The movement to elevate the Pac 10 to elite status gets rammed by the USS Reality.

- Nebraska loses to Southern Miss. Nebraska, K State, Missouri all losing to teams that the Big 12 uses to pad their schedule ... could it be that the Big 12 isn't as good as they say?

- Colorado over Washington State. Cutting back on the drunken orgies is already starting to pay dividends for the Buffs.

- Miami over Florida State. Although Brock Berlin put it together at the end, both teams still have to be concerned about their uninspired QB play. And Larry Coker has to also be concerned that once again his team appears to be motivated to play well only during the final few minutes of the game.

- Georgia narrowly escaped South Carolina, but I'm not holding that against the Dawgs. South Carolina is no slouch. There's the Lou Holtz factor, plus the Gamecocks have always been one of those teams that never seems to show it over the entire season, but can play with the best team in the country on any given Saturday.

- Here's hoping Sylvester Croom will have some success at Mississippi St. so that folks will stop talking about him as a black head coach and start talking about him as the good head coach that he is.


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