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I still say that this whole thing is a bunch of fuss and a distraction from the real issues. Still, it just keeps hanging out there, and I continue to have thoughts, and read things that should be addressed.

- Again, I am delighted to see Dan Rather and CBS in the soup. Cable news and blogdom have long since passed Network News by. But CBS in general, and Rather specifically have remained the most smug and most transparently partisan of the old school hacks.

- The next time a news person self-righteously proclaims that it is the media's job to report, not create the news ... have a good laugh. The media is biased, and they use their version of the Hypocratic Oath only when it suits them.

- I've read blogs from all parts of the political / philosophical spectrum on this issue, and most (even those that don't agree with my point-of-view) are being a great deal more fair, and open-minded than Rather himself.

- Side note: I continue to really be annoyed at having to log in at various news sites. Most of the time it is more than log in. Most of the time it is re-register because I've forgotten my username and pw since my last visit. Each one seems to have their own restrictive parameters (eg. must contain exactly 6 letters, 2 numbers, 3 punctuation marks, and 2 characters that were only possible on a 1970's era typewriter) on usernames. Otherwise I could at least just use the same user/pw combo. I should be thankful for their help with security - wouldn't want someone hacking into my NY Times account and finding out my address!

- Note to blogger: A White House conspiracy to take the attention off of President Bush? You're kidding, right? Tell me; was anything that ever happened anywhere on earth, at any time in history, now or the past or future, ever NOT President Bush's fault?

- Note to blogger: Granted it is hard for an organization like CBS to thorougly vet everything without employing a whole army of fact-checkers. Had they simply not checked, it would be carelessness, though we'd still be suspicious of their great willingness to be careless. The point is, they did check, and received a number of warnings. This isn't carelessness, or the result of being too overwhelmed to get the job done - it is willful misconduct.

As mentioned, CBS and Rather have already fallen behind pretty much every other information source in terms of credibility and audience size. Now the new media are piling on. If CBS had any hopes of reversing the trend, this was a major setback. If not they are sitting back, content to continue to abuse the sway that they hold over their ever-shrinking viewership.


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