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Time for another lesson in what is not seen.

It shouldn't have to be said, but capitulation is a recipe for disaster. Case in point: humanitarian aid worker, Margaret Hassan who is currently being held hostage in Iraq. Or take half of John Kerry's ideas if you like.

In a nutshell: Britain getting ready to re-deploy troops to Iraq prompted Hassan's capture. The implication is that the ransom for Hassan is not sending the troops.

Here's the problem: On the surface it seems so easy. If we don't send the troops we can save Hassan's life. If Spain doesn't want another railway bombing they'd better vote for the party that will keep out of Iraq. If you want to save the lives of American soldiers, vote for Kerry who will get them out of that "quagmire." People "understand" this kind of thing when they hear it in a 15-second bite on CNN.

It seems equally logical, though apparently it isn't, that if you give in now, the next time the terrorists want something from you, they'll kidnap someone else, or set off more bombs, etc. Even more basically, when you give in to terrorists you embolden them. And, again, they are terrorists. When they are emboldened they terrorize more. In saving one or two lives, you cost many more their lives. But to see that one must put their brain to work and think about it, which is a lost art these days.


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