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OK, I'm watching "Behind Enemy Lines" right now. It's definitely an above average military thriller. At one point I had to laugh at some of the devices that Hollywood comes up with to keep a story moving.

Now, we have some amazing technology at play in the field of warfare. But I'm guessing even the top military "spooks" would be surprised at some of the equipment attributed to them.

From "Behind Enemy Lines": There is the scene where Burnett (Owen Wilson) cuts short his communication with the Vincennes in order to flee his pursuers. Luckily the ship's CO (Gene Hackman) is able to move to a secret inner compartment where he can follow the chase on big screen. The figures of Burnett and his pursuers can be seen in glowing green, allowing the Vincennes crew to follow every move in real time.

This reminded me of the special sonar on the Boomer, USS Alabama in "Crimson Tide." When a pesky Russian attack sub arrives on the scene, the Sonar Techs see on their scope the boat's Akula silhouette. Also, conveniently, weapons in the water appear in red as compared to the vessels' flourescent green hue.

These are the two I thought of off-hand. Probably because they are similar or perhaps because they are both Hackman films ... who knows? Anyway, there has to be a thousand more examples out there. What's your favorite?


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