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Drew .... er, John Kerry went hunting today. The camo-clad hopeful trudging through a field with a shotgun cradled over his arm was a great photo op, though one has to wonder how this will sit with the gun control / PETA corner of the party. Still, how real. The plastic smile was there, but unfortunately, while holding a gun it's impossible to do the "can you tell my butt-cheeks are clenched?" thumbs up spasm that has become Kerry's signature.

Anyway, the results of the hunt? A thumbs up gesture. "Everybody got one. Everybody got one." As to why the Senator wasn't carrying "his": he was "too lazy" and "still giddy over the Red Sox ... it was hard to focus."

Translation: Kerry at his finest. He's staked out both sides of even this. First of all, he didn't shoot a goose. But, we can't have anything but the most positive result in anything for Kerry. So, this evasive, though nonsensical, answer is constructed to somehow feel not dishonest. And, he managed to work the Red Sox in ... double the real guy-ness; hunter and baseball fan. I know that when my team does something exciting I find it difficult to lift dead, 10 lb. objects for days afterward. Or perhaps that should be: I know that when I'm too giddy to lift dead 10 lb. objects I like to take to the misty woods with a loaded gun and several human beings.

As for both sides ... you have Kerry hunting in an attempt to play to the NRA crowd (and really a swipe at them, as if they were so stupid that one picture could overcome 20 years of Congressional voting). But at the end of it, the bloody, dead bird that we are to believe is Kerry's is nowhere near him so as not to alienate the aforementioned PETA crowd by too closely linking him to the violence that is hunting.

- B -

And in our coming attractions ... "Kerry plans to deliver a new speech on faith this weekend in Florida ... The fact that Senator Kerry is a person of faith is something that might help voters who are undecided,'' adviser Mike McCurry said. Well, I don't know if it will help them decide, but the fact that Kerry is a "person of faith" will certainly be news to them.

Depending on your perspective, that one will either be entertaining or excruciating.


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