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Re: The proposed California-sponsored amendment that would allow foreign-born citizens to become President of the US.

Clearly the effort is designed to allow Gov. Schwarzenegger a shot at the oval office which is all well and fine. But unless the amendment will confine the expansion to Terminator stars of Austrian origin, that reason isn't good enough.

A measure that opens the door for Schwarzenegger also welcomes George Soros, Fidel Castro, Jacques Chirac, etc., etc. Obviously there would still be some residential requirements, but you see my point. You don't do something like this because you like the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming President. You do something like this because you think that opening the Oval Office to immigrants is a good idea.

Often moves like this turn out to be a Pandora's Box that their author's eventually wish they'd never opened.

That's not to say that this isn't a good idea. After all, isn't this country a melting pot? Don't we, at least in theory, pride ourselves on being a nation of immigrants? It would seem to make sense, then, that there be no bounds on the opportunities we offer the world's tired, poor and huddled masses.

I'm simply suggesting that when considering such a move, we think beyond 2008.


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