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OK, my new job has forced some technology changes. I can't access my home e-mail from work, and while at work I don't have a whole lot of time to web surf, blog, etc.

As previously mentioned, I'm leaning on Google's GMail a lot more.

As for being able to do an occasional blog span, I've discovered Bloglines.

It seemed like Mozilla Firefox's live bookmarks would be a great solution. One simply needs to drop their favorites menu and mouse over the site names to see a quick list of recent article titles. Turns out FIrefox is not quite as finished and bug free as is claimed. It has a great deal of trouble resolving url's on our network at work. After searching Mozilla's knowledge base and forums I discovered that this is not uncommon and so far there is no solution.

Not to worry. Bloglines is a wonderful web-based aggregator and more. They also offer each user a rudimentary journal site to share sources and entries.

I took a while, but I'm starting to appreciate web-based solutions. I had been one of those people who likes their software installed on their machine. The problem is, I use no less than four different computers with some regularity. Sometimes sharing data between them can be a hassle. Ram drives are nice for files and things like that. But for e-mail, and blog/journal-reading a web-based solution is much easier and just makes sense. These aren't things you are going to be doing unless you have access to the web anyway. If they ever devise a solution for sharing Outlook contacts and contact changes with GMail, I'll probably shift over altogether.


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