Election Night

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Not that there isn't enough fodder out there already, but here's my two cents:

The exit polls and recent tracking polls have turned out to be unreliable ... go figure. Somehow this still surprises the talking heads.

How about my old Kentucky Home! Bush and Congresswoman Northrup weren't really in doubt. The Senate race was more thrilling than I would have liked, but Bunning pulled it out.

OK, a couple of thoughts on some of the "common wisdom" floating around:

They can't seem to bring up the Texas re-districting enough. Funny, when California did the same, garnering a lot more than five House seats, it passed with hardly a mention. But, in the end, it didn't turn out so well for Gray Davis, did it?

Speaking of California, I'm not pleased, but also not surprised with the Stem Cell vote.

The common template tonight seems to be to use 2000 as the benchmark and talk about various give and take scenarios. With all the time they've spent talking about New Hampshire's 4 electoral votes (it's not dominating, but it has been disproportionate) I have to wonder why no one has mentioned Bush's 12 electoral vote gain (so far) simply due to changes in the allotment of votes.

I wonder if Susan Estrich wouldn't be so annoying if she had a different voice. Hard to tell ... it's like saying "I wonder if elephants would be more fun if they weren't so big." You just can't get around the dominating feature.

How about the Senate avalanche. Dems thought they could re-take that chamber. Instead it looks as if the Republicans will strengthen their grip. If Thune takes out Daschle it would make my night. The Presidential race only slightly overshadows this one for me.

And if anyone is taking this thing as serious as the politico-philes, it's the American Movie Channel. While the noise goes on elsewhere they're running the Godfather.


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