Telemarketers at the Gates!

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I am dismayed to hear of certain goings-on down at the FTC. Thanks to Slashdot and the Chicago Sun-Times for the alert.

It seems the FTC is considering allowing telemarketers to circumvent the "Do Not Call" list "to allow telemarketing calls that deliver a prerecorded message to consumers with whom the seller on whose behalf the calls are made has an established business relationship."

I don't know what has prompted this move although there must certainly be an ongoing, intense lobbying effort by the telemarketing industry. One FTC rep said that it was intended to bring FTC regs in line with those of the FCC. I'm not sure why the FCC couldn't be aligned with the FTC instead.

One thing is for sure: the "established business relationship" requirement is a joke. It is vague and ripe for abuse. If this measure passes, open the floodgates.

Fortunately, comments can be posted straight to the FTC at this site.

If there is any doubt that your comment is needed, Lance Gay, the Sun-Times correspondent reported that, "The Federal Trade Commission said it does not think the change would have any dramatic results."


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