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Just as many seem to be looking back over the year and offering their analysis of all things blog, two online firefights involving the blog community have erupted, showcasing the best and worst of blogdom.

1. Little Green Footballs has linked a post from Scylla and Charybdis which outliness 10 errors about Memogate (in 1 paragraph!) from a WaPo piece.

Since S&C's post, the number of errors has grown to 18. As is often the case however, the real gold lies in the comments which, as of this writing, number 75 at Scylla and 91 at LGF. Warning: these are not for the grammar averse!

2. If you prefer something a litte more substantial than a skirmish over capital letters and proportional fonts, check out the row between Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman and the gang at Powerline. Today Coleman escalated the conflict with this column attacking Time's blog of the year.

Scott's (the Big Trunk) reply gives somewhat of a recent history in the conflict including some key links.

If you prefer to hear from someone outside the immediate fray, there is Captain's Quarters - Nick Coleman goes insane, KerrySpot with a Mike Tyson comparison, and Hugh Hewitt includes Coleman in his piece on MSM figures wilting under scrutiny, the likes of which they've never before faced (I couldn't get a permalink - it's on his 12/29 page).

To me, Glenn Reynolds asked the key question at Instapundit: Don't these guys have editors? It's not just that Coleman is over the top with his venom, or utterly transparent in his hatred for the Powerline guys. Basically his conduct is unprofessional and he really isn't even doing his job, which begs Reynolds' question: where are the editors in all of this?

Who is holding the Strib journalists to a standard somewhat resembling journalism? Who is giving the ok for the nasty attacks on readers, of which, by all indications, the old school media outlets can ill afford to lose even one?



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