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Why John Kerry's support of the hopeless re-count in Ohio? Perhaps this little snippet over at Blog for America, formerly Dean for America, will help:
Best wishes Mike.
And democracy is number one.
Recount the votes. If the truth prevails, W will stand for "gone".

It's really just a variation on Kerry's general assumption that people are stupid, and his correct assumption that Bush-hate is blind.

Merit. Evidence. Logic. These are irrelevant. Appearance, conjecture and emotion carry the day. The fact that even if the results of the discarded ballot count were unrealistically extreme in Kerry's favor he could only close to within 20-30,000 votes of the President doesn't matter.

All that does matter is that there is a re-count going on somewhere and Kerry's name is attached to it. There are many who don't need much to throw the whole election into question. They are searching, desperately grasping for some kind of handle. Something that they can use to re-assure themselves that there is some reason for losing the election other than 3 million more people voting for the other candidate. There's a recount! I knew it! That Bush stole the election again!

That'll be plenty to hold them over until everything is made public. Then Michael Moore can start working his magic on the truth.


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