Guess what I found in my garage!

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I had to help a neighbor get her car unstuck yesterday. In the process I discovered in my garage a box containing 800 uncounted Washington Governor ballots from a heavily Republican area of Washington state, and a snow shovel.

The guy I bought my condo from left a shovel behind. Clearly, this guy didn't do a whole lot of shoveling. Granted, in a condo community in Louisville, KY, there isn't a whole lot of need for shoveling. But, when the need arises, you still want to have a shovel that works.

This thing is plastic, and not very strong plastic at that. And it's one of those wide and skinny models made to push rather than pick up the snow in question.

Problem is, our snow is always preceeded by rain and ice. You're not going to push it around. You need to break up the chunks of ice, lift them and throw them out of the way.

Right now muscles I never knew I had are complaining after yeserday's shoveling excursions, and I'm praying that I'll be able to extract my car from the parking spot I had to settle for sometime before next April.


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