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Yet another promising Volleyball season has ended early for the U of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine with a loss to #22 Wisconsin in the Regional Semi-finals.

The BCS may be a mess, but it has nothing on Women's Volleyball. #2 Hawaii, playing in what is arguably the nation's toughest region, finished their season undefeated. And for their trouble, Hawaii was placed in the Green Bay, WI regional against a team from Wisconsin!

I'm not trying to make excuses, mind you. If #2 wants a championship, they need to figure out how to beat #22 regardless of time or place. The funny thing is, there was a Seattle regional which would have been much more reasonable for Hawaii. The top seed in that region? Penn State!

Volleyball is one sport where the power lies out west. 15 of the 64 teams in the tournament hail from Pacific coast states, most of them from California. Yet two of the regionals were placed east of the Mississippi in Wisconsin and Kentucky, and a third, just across the river in Minnesota.

Ordinarily when the NCAA makes nonsensical decisions, money is the motivator. That's not the case here. The good teams are out west because the interest is out west.

Oh well, time to start looking forward to Men's Volleyball ... don't even get me started on their championship system!


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