The "New" Kobe

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With hype more befitting a Tyson, Shaq v. Kobe, round 1 turned out to be just slightly more exciting than the average early-season NBA game.

Most of all, the game was a great case study of the new Kobe Bryant.

42 points! Kobe's point total is what we'll hear most. It's that disproportionate emphasis on points alone, that fuels the "no T-E-A-M in I" class of NBA superstar, in which Kobe has recently enrolled.

Let's flesh out that 42 points. En route to high scoring honors, Kobe was an Iverson-esque (not a compliment) 12 of 30 from the field. His 9 turnovers were also telling.

But, at money time ... in OT Bryant laid an egg. WIth the game on the line and LA having one last chance to tie or win, rather than use his team, Kobe forced up a disjointed shot from amidst the Heat's swarming double-team. Did anyone doubt that Kobe would insist on taking the shot regardless of his dismal chances of success? Certainly not Miami.


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