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An no-holds-barred challenge to liberals over at Ace of Spades, and equally on-target
followup commentary by John over at Right Wing News.

What to quote, what to quote ... from Ace:

""The left-liberals have been convinced for some time that America really wants a left-liberal or "progressive" agenda, and that what's holding them back has been the political cowardice of the Democratic leadership and candidates ...

Here's the thing: this theory will continue to distort Democratic politics until it is actually tried. Until it is given a shot to work -- or fail -- we're going to continue to have a Democratic Party which simply refuses to take a clear stance as to what they actually believe."

There is so much more in both pieces. Amen to the comments on the righteous crusading of West Wing. Amen to the thought that the "campaign in the center so you can govern left" denies voters their chance to make an informed decision.

Sadly, the desire for honesty and integrity in politics is a pipe dream.


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