A note to "Defenders" of CHRISTmas

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Has this thing got legs this year, or what? I had hoped to offer one post on this and put it behind me. But the "story" just will not die. The Sky is Falling! They're trying to take Christ out of Christmas!

My question is this: Who promised you unfettered Christian expression in public schools, city halls and other government property? Who said you'd be able to display the 10 Commandments any old place you like? Who guaranteed that certain songs and certain biblical characters would be a part of every pageant in every school across the land? I'm pretty sure it wasn't God, the Bible, or even the Constitution.

"But we came here for freedom of religion!" pout the pilgrim offspring. Agreed. That was part of it. So what's the problem? You are free to worship as you please. And schools are free to conduct education as they and their school boards see fit.

How is not singing "Hark the Herald Angels" in a school assembly an infringement on your religious freedom? Is your faith so shallow that you must have overt symbols of it everywhere? Grow up!

MInd you, I would prefer that schools openly call this holiday Christmas, and include some of the Christian standards in their music and pageantry. I believe that faith is an important part of education.

But I'm also a realist. It's nice to dream about what should be or could be, but ultimately you've got to deal with what is and figure out how to move toward the ideal in constructive ways ... and a minimum of whining, please.

They aren't trying to take Christ out of Christmas. They are trying to take Christ out of public schools, government buildings and anywhere else they can reduce the matter to a court case. This is news? If you are willing to let that ruin your Christmas, God help you.

It's long past time to hold decision-makers responsible. Elections come and elections go with the majority of the players being allowed to remain in the game. Yet between elections, there seems to be no shortage of complaining. We're good at that. Be outraged and complain.

Personally this seems like a good opportunity for families and churches to teach their young that what happens in your environment will reveal, but can't shake the depth or lack of depth of your faith.

-- B --

As for those who want to soft-peddle the religious trappings of Christmas for fear of offending those of different cultures and faiths I say, "Spare me." If I go to Mexico I expect that they'll be speaking Spanish, eathing authentic Mexican food and observing primarily Catholic traditions and religious customs. And, I wouldn't be the least bit offended.


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