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Over at Wizbang Jay Tea uses the recent controversy over airline searches to launch into a broader discussion of human behavior and accountability. It's one of those posts that leaves you saying, "That's what I was thinking," or more simply, "Amen." Kudos to Jay Tea for doing a great job of laying out his thoughts.

A couple of money quotes:
"It all boils down to a fundamental unwillingness to trust people to act responsibly, combined with an unwillingness to actually hold them accountable when they don't."

"I guess I just disagree with the notion that if you limit the ways in which people can misbehave, you limit actual misbehavior. It's been my observation that those who want to do wrong will do so, and no silly laws or barriers aimed at gently dissuading them will do a damned bit of good."

The comments also hold some potential for further blogger skirmishes (see here and here).


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