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Hat tip to Kevin at Fanblogs.com for coming up with this nugget: Indiana approached Art Shell first.

LOL ... granted, Shell is not exactly on the top of everyone's coaching list, but he's still a respected name in football. One has to wonder how that conversation went ...

IU: Mr Shell, it's an honor to speak with you. Everyone we have spoken with; boosters, fans, and administrators alike have a very high opinion of your abilities, and we would like to discuss with you the possibility of becoming Indiana's next coach.

Shell: Awesome! Indiana ... wow! This is so unexpected. I mean, the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of a legend like Bobby Knight at a school so steeped in tradition ... well, it's quite an honor just to be considered. And, I've always wanted to try my hand at basketball ...

IU: Aaahh, Mr Shell, we're inquiring about the head FOOTBALL coaching vacancy.

Shell: Football? You did say this was Indiana University, am I right?

IU: Yes. We also play football here in Bloomington.

Shell: For real?

IU: Yes.

Shell: So, Mike Davis ...

IU: Getting along fine as our basketball coach.

Shell: Indiana plays football ... huh. That's a new one on me. What's your record?

IU: Perhaps we should talk to someone else (hangs up phone).

What is it with those Indiana schools? Notre Dame aims too low and Indiana aims too high.


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