Wannstedt to Pitt

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... *yawn*

A coach that's hard to get excited about goes to a program that's hard to get excited about.

Seriously - what's the big deal with Wannstedt? In 10+ years as an NFL head coach he hasn't proven himself. Granted, it's not like anyone was going to take Chicago to the playoffs, but it's hard to argue that Wannstedt elevated the team one bit. In Miami he inherited a team with potential and eeked out one playoff win. Under Wannstedt, the Dolphins cemented their reputations as under-achievers.

And now he moves to the college ranks, which is easier? I don't see that. You have to do everything that a coach at any level has to do, plus you have to recruit - something Wannstedt hasn't done for well over a decade.

So again I say ... *yawn*


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