Washington: All over but the crying

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Well, it seems that a conclusion has been reached in the Washington Governor's race.

Looks like that state's Republican Party has nothing left to do but ...

  • From now until the end of time, scream to high heaven claiming that the election was stolen

  • while throngs who are clueless but enjoy being part of a good, outraged mob look on and cheer

  • and the MSM covers the whole thing as news.

  • File lots of pointless and ungrounded lawsuits to keep your claims of thievery ever in the forefront of an adoring press' mind.

  • Round up Jesse Jackson and his always wonderful "You owe us: We were disenfranchised - Remix 2004" tour.

  • Spend the next 4+ years calling incoming Gov. Gregoire stupid, and perhaps go so far as to compare her to a monkey.

  • Talk long and loud of your disgust for the state - even at times when it might remotely be appropriate.

  • Blame anything bad that happens in the Pacific Northwest on Gregoire.

  • Ignore anything good that happens in the Pacific Northwest.

  • For the next four years, whenever anyone tries to suggest that something good has happened in the Pacific Northwest, mock them by suggesting that they are stupid and a part of the lunatic fringe.

  • Produce a documentary stringing together a number of irrelevant and distorted bits of information posing as fact, all combining to foster the illusion that Gregoire is Satan incarnate. Note: Points off for worrying about being too transparent and obvious.

  • When all of the aforementioned items have been accomplished, the state of Washington will have become such a seething cauldron of Gregiore-hatred that the GOP will be able to run a complete imbecile for Governor next time out and come within a few points of stopping her re-election bid.

After all, that's the established blueprint for handling something like this, isn't it?


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