Winter Driving

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The real danger in winter weather is not the snow and ice. It's the drivers in the snow and ice. Here are the average driver's top 5 winter driving techniques:

  1. I've got a big monster truck of an SUV, so no changes for me. Snow. No snow. Doesn't matter. Unfortunately this kind of driver doesn't seem to know or remember that even under normal conditions they are an accident waiting to happen in a vehicle they can't manage.

  2. I've got a big monster truck of an SUV, but Cracky! That's a lot of snow! I'm going to drive like I've got a Yugo with bald tires!

  3. Slow=safe. Slower=safer. Slowest=safest! I'll be on the road, but it's going to be hard to tell I'm moving. I like to think of myself less as a driver and more as an additional obstacle for every other car on the road to negotiate.

  4. I can't understand it. I've got the brake pedal pushed all the way down and my car just keeps swerving uncontrollably!

  5. Ahhh! It's something less than sunny and clear! All bets are off! Straddle the lane divider - lanes! What lanes? Don't merge! Don't yield! Don't stop at traffic signals! Don't check my mirrors! Don't clear the snow off my windows! It's each man for himself! Point your vehicle and go!


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