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I continue to be disappointed in GM's Fastlane blog (see my blogroll) - I'm not a car guy, and so far Fastlane is simply a fluffy, rolling commercial for GM products. No one says it has to be anything but that. I guess I had just hoped that in a blog we'd get a little something more than a GM ad. Something a little more subtantial than the ability to throw in our two cents, "The new Saturns look really cool," that is.

Enter Randy Baseler, VP of Marketing for Boeing with Randy's Journal. Alas, no feed (Randy says they'll be looking to add features in coming weeks - hopefully a feed is on the list), so I couldn't add it to my blogroll, but it will be worth the extra effort to keep an eye on this one.
"I hope it will help solve one of my biggest frustrations - not being able to talk with everyone as often as I like about what's going on in our industry and our company. Either I'm in a different time zone, or in a meeting or at another commitment, so this web space can be a place where you can go to find out my thoughts and opinions."
Baseler isn't kidding about talking about what's
going on in his industry. His first two post-introduction posts covered the
rollout of Airbus' (Pepsi to Boeing's Coke) new marvel, the A380 for folks
in that industry. But here's the kind of commentary I wish we would get
from Lutz over at GM:
"Along with the A380 being an engineering marvel it also represents a very large misjudgment about how most passengers want to travel and how most airlines operate. The A380 does not mark the beginning of a new stage in commercial aviation; it is the crowning achievement of a bygone era."
Long story short, Airbus is betting that the future of air travel will be largely hub to hub with connecting flights. Baseler points to prevailing trends to defend Boeing's investment in a direct flight / more choices future. His supporting commentary is interesting and at a level that the layman can understand.

It's also educational. The reader learns about the thought and strategy that go into the air travel industry. But there are also a couple of insights that transcend industry boundaries: 1. The successful see themselves as partners with those they serve and those who serve them. Boeing has figured out what they believe their customers and potential customers are going to need in the future, and they are giving it to them. 2. It is important and extremely helpful to know and understand your organization's philosophy, vision, mission and strategy.

Here's hoping Baseler will find the time to keep us posted (and to add a feed). Here's also hoping that Lutz will find his way over to Randy's Journal and be inspired.


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