Conviction Vacated - Blame Prosecution

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Like just about everyone else, when I first heard of Andrea Yates' conviction for drowning her five children being overturned I was troubled. It's an awful case, but her guilt was never in question.

After further reading and listening however, it turns out that this shouldn't have been a surprise. The prosecution's key and only expert, Dr. Park Dietz, was a well-known witness-for-hire. He was also notorious for being not credible.

So the question isn't, "How could the appellate court do this?" With the key witness having lied, their decision was pretty cut and dried. The question is, "Why did the prosecution put all of their eggs in this basket?"

Dietz's lie regarding a fabricated Law & Order episode that resembled Yates' case, probably didn't have a direct bearing on the jury's decision. But his testimony was critical to the question of insanity, so, back to the drawing board, perhaps.


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