Embedded Reporters Discharged

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From the start of the war when coverage ran 24hrs/day, embedded journalists have helped to add texture and interest to the Iraq story.

I'd always been curious about how that whole thing was controlled. I remember when we used to have guests ride with us on the sub - regardless of the guest and regardless of the purpose for our underway, the whole situation was carefully managed from what instruments had to remain covered, to which spaces were off limits, to what could be talked about. Yet watching these embeds, it appears that they can go anywhere and say anything at all.

Captain's Quarters has the story of five embedded reporters being kicked out of Iraq. Good stuff.

Captain Ed also points out that as the Iraq election draws close, requests for embeds are increasing:
"The media has trumpeted the lack of security that threatens to derail the elections -- and yet more reporters want to be at the polling places to report the story. I'm not questioning the courage of the reporters, but does it occur to them that the Iraqis themselves might have more at stake in this election and will have the motivation to risk a visit to these same polling stations?"

Hat tip to VodkaPundit for the pointer.


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