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Earlier this week I discussed my interest in business and blogging. Well, a blue chip case study has emerged as auto giant GM has entered the blogosphere. This is no token effort. So far, none other than Vice Chair Bob Lutz has been dishing out the posts and responding to comments.

It will be very interesting to see how this blog evolves. Personally, I still view the big three as bloated, plodding dinosaurs in a world that demands speed and flexibility. These are the last companies I'd expect to see thinking that blogging could be a useful tool, much less executing on that thought in a meaningful way.

Personally, I'd love to hear some of the guy's unedited thoughts and comments on running a behemoth car manufacturer. Due to time and professional considerations, this isn't likely to happen, but I can dream. So far, Mark Cuban is the highest profile person I've seen really show himself in a publicly accessible blog. Go figure.

So far, as could be expected, the real-time content (there are some archived Lutz speeches) has been fluffy, promote GM products fare. But, if you are a car buff you'll probably enjoy it. The comment sections are hopping and Lutz does respond to some of the commentary in subsequent entries.


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