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Here's the thing I love about blogging and blog-reading: You may start in familiar territory, but you never know where you are going to wind up.

I have my list of favorite blogs and news sourcess, although I must admit that I'm trying to venture off the path and find some lesser-read gems in the rough, and blogs that specialize in some of my areas of interest. One the reasons many of my favorites are my favorites however, is that they seem to have ears everywhere in the blogosphere and come up with the most interesting links.

Here's how today's chain went:
I started out at Hugh Hewitt's blog. He was pluggin his book again - go figure. Seriously, it's a great read, and literary candy for a blogger.

Anyway, Hugh mentioned Tod Bolsinger who was reviewing the book from a Pastor's perspective. Very interesting - he's got a good site.

Bolsinger in turn paid homage to one of his main blogging influences, Mark Roberts, another blogging pastor. Bolsinger then linked to Roberts' blogroll of blogging pastors.

I've added some of those to my blogroll here and will get them out to bloglines soon. As you can well imagine, a perusal of those blogs brought more interesting posts and no doubt further links.

Unfortunately lunch is over and it's time to get back to work.


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