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Don't get me wrong, I'm as pleased as punch that George W Bush is being sworn in for a second term today.  I'm just not into all the inaugural hoopla.  It's fine for those who are ... just count me out.
Here's the thing.  This is going to be the most journalled, televised and broadcasted event since the election.  Yet there isn't likely to be anything newsworthy.  Not even the first lady's dress will be a surprise.  So we once again find ourselves with a bunch of journalists standing around in front of cameras, microphones and laptops with nothing to say, yet talking nonetheless.
I was listening on the radio over lunch.  No choice.  All the good stations were pre-empted.  It was a regular cornucopia of cliches and blather.  The fur was flying and the rubber was hitting the road.  Boiled down, all that was really said during the 15-20 minutes of my driving around:  Bush will have a battle on his hands trying to reform Social Security.  Riveting stuff, really.  I mean that issue has only been front and center for two years!  I sense we might be hearing more about this in the future, but don't quote me on that.
On the bright side ... the new Apprentice starts tonight!


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