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I finally got over to blog-rolling and added some links:

Poor Richard's Almanac: A new blog out here on Blogspot. Hugh gave him a mention the other day which makes me totally jealous, but the guy has to have something going on to earn that respect. He promises politics and media talk, but fans of music, guitar and the blues will want to check out his first few posts.

The next three kind of go together. I'm really getting into studying business lately. I mean, I always have in a general way, but right now I'm studying successful businesses and successful business persons. I've also been doing a lot of reading up on blogging, including Hugh's latest book and how it can be used effectively in a variety of settings.

Scobleizer: Self-proclaimed Microsoft geek blogger. They don't come much more successful than Microsoft, and Scobleizer has some great insights into his company and his work. Which leads to ...

The Red Couch: Scoble and friend, Shel Israel, are writing a book, and they will be documenting the whole process via this blog. What's the book about? From Shel's previous site:
“The Red Couch (TRC)” argues blogging is changing everything and businesses choosing to ignore it, face the same fate as the blacksmith who ignored the automobile a century ago. It will explain why this is a good thing, for both business and its customers, prospects, partners—even their own employees and investors, offering numerous examples of how blogging brings them closer together."
So, I'm torn. On the one hand, I wish the book were out so I could read it. On the other hand, I'll be fasicnated to watch the process. Right now they are working on the Table of Contents.

Scoble recently linked to an old journalism hand with a new blog, Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism. Dan has just given up his job at the San Jose Mercury News and ended two decades in the gainful employment of media organizations. He is quite literally now walking his talk:
"I'm going to work hard on a project to inspire, enable and create what many have been calling a new kind of journalism. In the new world that I and many others believe is coming, the grassroots will have a fundamental and crucial role in the process ..."
In a short time his blog already has a number of great posts along those lines.


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