Chairman How: Will they ever learn?

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What is it about elections that makes Democrats lose all reason? They're suffering enough in competitive races these days. They seem unable to find a Presidential candidate who is electable at both the Primary and General level. And now they have elected Howard Dean to take over the party machinery. This, by the way, is Dean's first election victory since his meaningless Missouri triumph.

By picking a northeastern liberal, the Dems appear to have not learned anything from the last election. So goes the common take on this. I'd say that more basically, they haven't learned anything from anything! Howard Dean was an absolute flop.

Sure, there are still plenty of causist Deaniacs around, ready and willing to follow the former Governor off of whatever cliffs he chooses. Over at blogforamerica the airhead comments and parroting of CNN talking points continues. In their world, were it not for the media overblowing "I have a scream," we'd all be united and happy-happy-joy-joy over President Howard's first weeks in office right now. Truth is, as he was exploding on that Iowa stage, the fatal blow had already been dealt and Dean was dead in the water.

There'll probably always be Deaniacs about, reminiscing the great revival of ought-four, just as there are still some hippies rolling around in VW vans, stuck in the 60's.

Problem is, for all of his incredible buzz, Dean failed miserably where it counted - at the ballot box. The promised hordes of invisible cell phone users never materialized. So, what do you do with someone who has proven unable to translate attention into votes? Why, make him your party chair, of course!

All I can say is ... Thank You! Thank you, for once again failing to seize on an opportunity to learn and grow. And thank you in advance, for the boundless entertainment this is going to provide over the next several years. It was truly sad to see Dean fade last spring. I hadn't even considered that there might be a way for Dean to stay in the spotlight for years and have the GOP benefit from it!


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