Super Bowl Reflections

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Generally I don't like to blog on things that everyone is covering unless I have something unique to add to the equation. I doubt this is the case with the Super Bowl, but ... it is the Super Bowl, so a few brief thoughts ...

- The key to the Patriots' tremendous success isn't overwhelming football talent, nor a top flight quarterback. It isn't even Bellicheck's mad genius coaching. The key is simply that they don't make mistakes. Once again yesterday, New England was able to conquer a foe capable of beating them by simply sitting back and letting the Eagles out-mistake them.

- Some will think I was talking about interceptions and fumbles there. That was part of it. But Philadelphia's main failing, besides not appearing to have a clear game plan for a while, was basic game management. It doesn't take talent or keen football instincts to figure out that when you are under two minutes and down by 10, you can't burn clock while trying to decide whether or not you want to huddle up. And even with all of that, Philadelphia had hope right up to the point where they prematurely decided to go for an onside kick. Apparently being short on time wasn't enough - the Eagles wanted to destroy their field position as well.

- Today folks will be talking about flashy catches and dramatic scoring plays. But the Patriots' ability to routinely run off 7-8 yard runs on 1st and 2nd down was their bread and butter in this game. The key to avoiding mistakes is keeping out of situations that lead to taking the risks which lead to mistakes. New England did this. Philadelphia did not.

- Hats off to FOX and Paul McCartney on the halftime show. Sure, I thought all the laser effects and what-not were still overdone. But, it was all presented in such a way that someone who doesn't care about all that crap could still enjoy it.

A special thanks to McCartney for just doing what people want to hear most from Paul McCartney - classic Beatles and Wings tunes. He resisted the urge to do his lesser known works, or to cover the creations of others. And he and his band didn't fix what wasn't broke, instead keeping the songs true to their original style. In short, McCartney and Co. avoided all the stupid things performers do when they've got a huge, but captive, audience.

As for FOX, more success. People will chalk up the FOX juggernaut to ideology or style. I'd say they are just good business people. They know and are good about feeding their audience.


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