Breaking Radio Silence on the Shiavo Case

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About a month ago I weighed in on the Shiavo case. And, though my friend, John may disagree with me, I've had a couple of weeks to really think about this and see some things up close and personal - I stand by what I said then.

Since my first post the thing has been hashed out ad nauseum, and it has been my desire not to add to the noise.

Then, the tube was pulled and the reaction kicked into high gear. There were the inevitable protests. Then I read that a father and his 10, 12 and 14-year old kids were arrested. And from many pundits and voices with whom I'd normally agree ... applause. Great approval! That's where my silence stops.

This is not a great thing. It's a tragedy. Adults have made a total mess out of the situation - why drag kids into it? The "taking water and bread to Teri" protest accomplishes absolutely nothing no matter who is undertaking it - WHY DRAG KIDS INTO IT?

Making a statement: What could you possibly add to the national discussion on this that hasn't been said a million times over already?

It's symbolic: Symbolic of what? We all know what starvation is. Symbolic of your lack judgment? Symbolic of your loss of grip on reality? Symbolic of a desire to raise your kids to be every bit the j*ck*ss that you are?

Doing God's bidding: From the 14-yr old girl, this is the one that really spins me up. Thanks, Dad, for that bit of brainwashing. Not only have you set your kids back, you have dealt a blow to Christian (as in Christ-like) efforts everywhere.

I'm probably giving too much credit here. Usually when children are involved in this way, it's a simple grab for media attention - and it often works. Some people just aren't content with quiet, personal stupidity. No. They want the whole world to know how dumb they are!

The bandwagon is rolling, get your t-shirts. One can almost hear the joyful reunions in that Florida parking lot ... "Hey! Weren't you at the Alabama 10 Commandments Protest!?"

Understand, this is not a wholesale faulting of anyone who disagrees with me. There are many who have thought this through just as much or more than I have and come up with an entirely different conclusion. It happens. A lot.

My quarrel and amazement are with those cause-ists who see something like this and immediately must travel to be on location. They are somehow able to not work for days or weeks while they "make their voice heard," and become a backdrop for news channel updates. My quarrel and disdain are with those who feel that it's a good idea to put their children in harm's way for no good reason.


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