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I've spent the last week focusing on getting the new rev of the youth website up and running. Time to catch up.

- B -

It's great to see that natural selection is alive and well in the Dominican Republic.

- B -

Bring on March Madness! This past weekend showed that 1. there is no quit in the North Carolina Tar Heels, and 2. Illinois is mortal, so I'm pretty psyched for the Tournament. Props to the Illini. Going nearly undefeated, especially in the Big 10 is quite an accomplishment. But they just never seemed to convince people (other than sports journalists) that they were as great as their record showed.

Added bonus: the Cards come into March like a Lion! Pitino has them in full stride, primed to go far in the tourney.

I'm also thankful for the return of the UNC-Duke rivalry. Duke wins by one at home. The Heels win by two at the Dean Smith Center. And all the while, sheer hatred from both sides. Is there a better rivalry in college hoops?

- B -

I popped over to Randy's Journal at Boeing to see if he'd broach the subject of his CEO being canned. As could be expected ... mum's the word.

Speaking of Randy's Journal, it has become a lot like the a airliner version of GM's FastLane blog lately. It's a little cooler for Randy because he's talking about jets. But, I've given FastLane a hard time here and here, so I think it only fair to do the same here.

Randy does mix in some strategy thoughts and industry analysis with his praise of Boeing's latest and greatest models - how certain Boeing products will fit Icelandair's growth in long flights, for example.

In fairness, there isn't as much of this kind of material available to Lutz over at GM. It's not like he can proudly announce that I've ordered a new Saturn and talk about how well it will fit my daily commute to work.

He could talk mileage I guess, but people don't seem to care about that. Sure they'll complain at the pump, but when it comes to Lutz's department, the vehicle-buying decision, it doesn't matter nearly as much as buying a big fat SUV that is not only bigger than the Jones's SUV, it's likely bigger than their house!

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