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OK, grab a pen and paper if you want to know how this thing is going to go.

For the record ...

my Final 4: Arizona, Wake Forest, North Carolina and Syracuse. I went with my heart and picked Carolina to win it all.

Over-rated #1 Seeds: Even if I don't have the Final 4 right, I'm sure these #1 seeds won't make it: Washington, Illinois, Duke.

First Weekend Upsets: To call some of these upsets is to give the committee way too much credit on their seeding job.

Round 1: UW-Milwaukee over Alabama (12 over 5 ... always have to pick a 12-5 upset), UAB over LSU (11 over 6), St Mary's over So Illinois (10 over 7), Pitt over Pacific (9 over 8), Creighton over W Virginia (10 over 7), Iowa St over Minnesota (9 over 8), NC State over UNC-Charlotte (10 over 7), Mississippi St over Stanford (9 over 8), UTEP over Utah (11 over 6), Iowa over Cincinnati (10 over 7).

Performing Better than Expected: Arizona beating OK State, Illinois and Wake Forest en route to the Championship Game; Louisville beating Washington en route to the regional final; Texas Tech beating Gonzaga to reach the Sweet 16; Wake Forest reaching Final 4 (although with the other upsets I picked, I don't have them beating a higher seeded team); Wisconsin beating Kansas and U Conn en route to the regional final; Syracuse beating Duke and Oklahoma en route to the Final 4; Oklahoma beating Kentucky en route to the regional final.


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