NCAA: Bloody Night

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Isn't this how it always goes? The first day, and even in the early games on the second day, there might be one or two surprises, but nothing major beyond that. You start thinking, "Hmm. This is a relatively calm year for the NCAA." Then on that second night, all hell breaks loose.

Syracuse and Kansas are going to hurt me.

Myth that I bought into - 2005 edition: That the Big East is an under-rated power and will surprise some people this year. Pitt fell in a game they could have won. Syracuse fell in a game they should have won. And West Virginia narrowl escaped Creighton. Villanova and U Conn won, but Boston College is the only team that has shown any strength out of the Big East.

And, Louisville fans can now shut up about their seeding. We narrowly escaped 13-seed, UL-LaFayette. Some will argue that we wouldn't have even been in that game had we gotten the seed we "deserved." If you're a "possible #1, probable #2, at worst #3" then a 13-seed should be no problem. Whatever PR battles are won or lost, you still have to play the games. And, no one wins the NCAA without navigating some scrappy underdogs and a host of top-25 teams.


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