NCAA: Weekend of the Long Knives

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Usually the fireworks settle down when the second round starts. The dogs get all week to prepare for their first game, but precious little time to gear up for their second opponent two days later. This weekend the hits just kept on coming as Boston College, Wake Forest and U Conn fell in the second round.

I've lost half of my Final Four (Wake and Syracuse) already. Fortunately the other two, North Carolina and Arizona, are playing strong.

Once again however, I have to say that things are not quite as surprising as they have been made to seem by some of the committee's questionable seeding decisions.

If you go by seeding alone, there are 8 "surprises" (teams seeded 5 or lower) in the Sweet Sixteen, yet only 4 of them weren't in the final AP Top 20. Giving Washington (AP #8) a 1-seed, U-Conn (AP #13) a 2-seed, Oklahoma (AP #17) a 3-seed, and Louisville (AP #4) a 4-seed all remain complete mysteries.

Those who read this with any frequency know that I don't usually have much good to say about Sports Journalists. Today high praise: they're smarter than the NCAA selection committee.


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