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... "it" being opening her mouth.

It seems Britney Spears, astute psycho-therapist that she is, has some advice for Michael Jackson.

She recently broached the subject during an interview with Allure magazine. "If he did those things, I feel sorry for him. I feel like he probably feels alone, and he needs some help." Earth to Dingbat: He's a predator, not a stray cat.

"He needs someone to be like, 'OK, let's buck you up, let's give you a moustache (yikes! he's scary looking enough already), let's rough you up, let's go to a bar, let's get drunk and be a man.'" A fight? Easy for her to say, she could take him. Heck, I'm guessing she could out-moustache him as well!

I really don't think a "fight" would be physically possible for Jackson. A beating, yes. A fight ... Jacko would need to hit the gym and work on those needle-esque forearms first.

OK, OK, so Spears might be a little muddled with some of her advice, but at least she's got a handle on the key to the matter:

"And if he didn't do those things, I feel sorry for him. Either way, he needs to get in a fight." Again, the complete absence of any trace of physique makes this impossible.

However, if the emotionally well-adjusted Spears is so high on bar-fight therapy, she might be able to work something out with Tonya Harding.


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