A Tale of Two Boeing's

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Businessweek has been doing a series of unflattering pieces on Boeing, including this latest installment, in the wake of CEO Harry Stonecipher's removal after having an affair with a female executive.

Meanwhile over at Marketing VP, Randy Baseler's Journal, since the scandal broke, we have the virtues of the two-engine 787 Dreamliner, even for long flights, and the premier of the 777 Worldliner.

Now, I know that Baseler is certainly not obligated to fulfill my thirst for business strategy talk. Marketing is his game, and pimping the Boeing line is what he should be doing with his valuable time. I do appreciate the nuggets of market analysis and strategy that he throws in from time to time.

At this point, however, what is going on at the very top of the company is the elephant in the room. Boeing's viability isn't in question, but its professionalism and stability are. It is not like Baseler's customers are buying copier toner. Airlines are investing their capital and their reputation in Boeing's products and service.

I'm very curious how Baseler reassures the people he's dealing with right now.


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