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The morning vote has failed to produce a Pope, and so the Cardinals remain sequestered. I read a little about their routine this morning. Completely cut off from the world, their day consists of worshiping and meeting with other like-minded Christians to discuss church leadership in advancing the Kingdom of God ... I'm totally jealous. Seriously. What I wouldn't give for a few days of that routine!

Meanwhile, back in the world, the prognosticating continues. For all the talk of Latin American Cardinals or the guy from Africa, I'm still guessing that it will be a European White Guy.

And, apparently, the other big question is whether or not JPII will be cannonized. I say he will, but not on the first ballot. His batting average was great, but the priest sex abuse scandal will hurt him. Plus he could well find himself up against the likes of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds which will make votes hard to come by.


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