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So, all along I'd felt like I was doing a good job of keeping this computer relatively free of spyware and other crap like that. Then I started getting these Websearch popups. So, I started doing some checking.

Went to Ctrl Panel - Remove Programs and found several things. Those are the best. As part of the uninstall they take you to their website: "We're sorry you want to uninstall such and such. Why do you want to remove this program which is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Ummm ... because you installed it!

It's true, the some of this stuff could be really awesome. I'm skeptical, but who knows? I'll never know because when something is installed on my system against my knowledge, I have to get rid of it on principal. You want to tell me about all the great features, do it before the fact and let me make a choice. If you don't I have to assume your intent is sleazy.

Anyway, right now I'm in the middle of running my regimen of detectors, cleaners and registry hacks. Each step is uncovering 10's or 100's of things that have appeared on my machine.

A word to the wise: if this is what you do for a living ... this or telemarketing, and we happen to run into each other some day ... lie. Lie to me about what you do cuz otherwise you're going to get slapped.


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