Giving Wendy's the Finger

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This whole Wendy's finger in the chili fraud story is stupid all-around.

For the fraud-ster, I'll admit that coming up with a piece of human finger is quite an accomplishment. 10 for level of difficulty on that one ... which is the problem. People losing fingers is not an every day occurrence. What did you think, they were just going to toss the piece of finger in the trash and hand you a check for $1M?

Of course they're going to investigate, if only out of concern for their employees and their worker's comp policy. It's not like a supervisor isn't going to notice when an employee loses a finger, and likewise it's not too hard to figure out when no one is missing a finger.

And for the folks in Northern California who are finding it hard to stomach Wendy's right now. Why? Obviously this is a fluke. If it was a rodent hair or something like that, sure, there's a problem and other bowls of chili could be affected. But it's not like fingers are dropping into chili left and right, and if you're not careful one could wind up in yours.

Get a grip. And send a message to this career fast food victim: either spill piping hot coffee on your groin and earn it, or get a real job.


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