Halftime: Carolina Up and Clark Kellog is an Idiot

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It's halftime and I'm pleased. Carolina is up by 15 after playing a pretty sloppy half all around.

Illinois has no answer for Sean May in the paint, yet the Heels wasted several possessions with off-balance outside shots. This was even more puzzling after the Illini's Augustine got into foul trouble. And the Heels' passes couldn't have been softer.

How did they come away with a double-digit lead? Even with the Tar Heel defenders getting out and disrupting their shooters, Illinois continued to clank away from beyond the arc, to the tune of 5 of 19! They're good when they get wide open shots. Carolina has the horses to go after them.

Dumb comment of the half actually came from Clark Kellog in the pre-game: "Isn't it amazing that both of these coaches are in their second year at their respective schools. Well, not really as both wound up where they as part of the same chain reaction two years ago - Williams vacated Kansas to go to Carolina - Bill Self, then at Illinois went to Kansas - and Coach Weber moved up to Illinois.

Almost as stupid: How long are they going to continue to point out that this is the third consecutive Big 10 team that Carolina has faced. It started on Saturday. Probably as long as they continue to point out that Illionois played all of their tourament games close to home. We get it. Interesting. Move on. Or perhaps you could experiment and see how just being quiet would work.


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