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Despite Carolina doing their best Arizona impression over the last ten minutes of the game, Illinois was unable to get back out in front, and the Tar Heels held on to win this year's National Championship.

Carolina came out of halftime seemingly going for the Illini jugular. But as they've done several times before, Illinois managed to come back. They suddenly discovered what "ball movement" is and used that to free their guards on the perimeter. Suddenly getting open looks, their shooting touch returned. In this era of the short three-point shot, no capable team is ever out of the game.

Just as quickly as Illinois' game returned, Carolina took a turn for the tentative. By this point Sean May was unstoppable underneath the basket and on his way to fouling out a second defender when the soft passes returned as did their poor shot selection. But, like the team of superstars-to-be that it is, Carolina was able to muster a key play each time it was needed, just as it was needed.

Even if you aren't a Tar Heel fan, you have to feel good for Roy Williams who will no longer have to answer questions about not winning a Championship. The guy is a Final Four regular, a class act and one of the few elite coaches in the game. He had no need to answer to anyone even before tonight. Still, that doesn't stop the questions.

Speaking of stupid sportscaster-talk, there was more.

1. After Felton hit a particularly deep three - "He was not just behind the three-point arc, he was behind the Gateway Arc."

2. After it was over and Sean May had turned in a dominating performance, "March Madness began in March, finished in April and belonged to May."

See, that's why I'm not a sportscaster. I couldn't spout off cheezy crap like that and sleep well at night thinking that I've contributed something to the world. My guess is that these are things they thought of before the game and were just waiting for the opportunity to work them in. God help their family and friends if they have the gift of being able to come up with that drivel off the cuff.


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