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What world do these people live in!?

As with Shiavo, I've really tried to stay away from this one as much as possible. It's just too easy, and there is plenty of coverage elsewhere. But these latest developments from the trial have sent my nonsense detector through the roof!
"...her son stayed at Jackson's Neverland ranch three times and once asked if he could stay in Jackson's room. She testified that she said no.

Later, on a trip to Las Vegas, she, the boy and the boy's brother stayed in Jackson's suite at the Mirage hotel, she said.

On the second night, she testified, Jackson tearfully asked why the boy could not sleep in Jackson's bed, the mother testified.

"He was sobbing and crying, shaking and trembling," she said. "He said, 'You don't trust me? We're a family. ... (The boy) is having fun. Why can't he sleep in my bed? There's nothing wrong. There's nothing going on.'"

She said she then allowed her son to sleep in Jackson's bed for two nights.

So this is kinda how it goes:

Jacko: Can Billy come out and play in my bed?
Mom: No.
Jacko: Oh pleeeese. There's nothing going on. It's just a boy and an adult male, three times his age who are not in any way related to each other sleeping in the same bed together. Pleeeease. Pretty please with sugar on it!
Mom: OK, you wore me down. But only for two nights.
Jacko: Yaaaayyy!

I tell you, if I'm the judge I have the mom locked up on the spot.

And to think, she's $20M richer because of this ridiculousness.


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