My first Moto-Mishap

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OK, I've had mishaps before, but this is the first one that had consequences.

I laid the bike down for the first time Sunday afternoon on the way home from church. The one thing I still haven't mastered is finding the deceleration balance between transmission and brakes - i.e. I sometimes have the tendency to downshift too soon. You can get away with this on the straightaways ...

But yesterday I did it as I was turning into the condos. It all happened pretty fast ... I start to let the clutch, and just as it is crossing my mind that I still have too much momentum to be shifting into that gear, a blur! and the next thing I know I'm laying on the ground trying to pull leg out from under the bike.

I was really fortunate for a number of reasons:

- It was a cool early morning yesterday - thus I was still wearing my heavy Joe Rocket jacket. It performed as advertised. A couple of frayed threads near the elbow pad and that's it. All of the key areas on my upper body are fine today. My pants, on the other hand, are toast. But, a week from now, I'd be lucky if I were wearing so much as a light jacket

- I went down on my left side. The tail pipes are on the right. It took a moment for me to gather my wits and then figure out how to get the bike off of me without being able to use the leg that was trapped. Not a big deal - it just took a little bit of maneuvering. It would have been quite another story with two searing hot tailpipes pressing on my leg.

- I was in the median and my slide kept me within the median. It was a pretty busy street. Had I been further along in the turn it could have been ugly. In fact I didn't even realize that I had slid til I went back today and looked at my skid, or rather scratch marks. I'll be darned. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Who'd have thought?

Aches and pains: At first all I noticed was that my hip was sore and my opposite side thumb was sore. I think I sprained the thumb. The hip will be fine. Then this morning all the sore "your body collided with a solid object (the ground) and the solid object won" muscles showed up.

So, a big lesson is learned at a small cost.


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