Perfectly Sane Man Does Something Insane Update: Texas Coach Shot

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Well, more info on Jeffrey Robertson, the guy who shot the football coach in Texas. And finally! They managed to dig up some quotes to piss the average person off. I was beginning to think they'd lost their touch.

Let's start with his former boss:
"John Downs described Robertson as a good employee and a devoted father who enjoyed taking his son hunting and fishing."
It's not "nice and quiet and keeps to himself," but it'll do.

Then we read on and find out:
"The last time Downs saw Robertson was about six months ago, when Robertson had a broken leg, bruises and abrasions from a road-rage-related fight on the side of a highway, he said."
No doubt someone was interfering with his ability to hunt, fish and be a devoted father - they had it coming.

But the real genius is Robertson's cousin by marriage, Rhonda Miller:
"Miller said she didn't want Robertson portrayed as 'a lunatic' because he wasn't the only one frustrated with the school's athletic program."
Let's see, we have the aforementioned road rage incident, a Yosemite Sam "Born to Raise Hell" tatoo (by itself not a big deal, and probably not rare in Texas), physically confronting and threatening to kill a student, and confronting coaches so frequently that he was barred from the school and its football games. Oh yeah, HE ALSO SHOT A COACH. Why would we think he's a lunatic?

That's right, he was frustrated with the athletic program - naturally someone needs to be shot. I mean, I'm very disappointed in the Lakers' showing this year. I can see no other alternative but to run out to LA and shoot Kobe Bryant.

Miller wasn't done, though:
"A lot of parents are upset. This is not a single incident, and if they don't take care of it, it could escalate."
Escalate? He shot the guy in the chest with a 45! What is left?

We have that the coach made his own son the quarterback as a freshman. But we also have that his son was honorable mention all-state at quarterback as a freshman. So, unless Joe Montana, Jr has been riding the bench while all this was going on, it's hard to fault the coach with what info we're given.

The sad thing is, Robertson had obviously made threats and given lots of hints at his potential for violence prior to this. Once the reporters start interviewing the coach's support group, there will be the inevitable cries of "Why didn't they do something?" For every Robertson willing to walk this walk, there are probably hundreds of blowhards talking the same game. How do you identify the doers before they become doers?


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