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I just had a Black & Bleu burger from Backyard Burger. Awesome. I'm normally not a bleu cheese fan, but BYB never disappoints.

- B -

The pep rally goes on over at Fastlane. Lutz just posted - despite the recent upper, upper management shake-up at GM, he will continue his blog duties . In an interesting side-note he also considers himself a "journalist." With the crisis resolved, the comments quickly returned to compelling issues of the day such as, rear-wheel drive and the shape of the grills on GM products.

- B -

A whirlwind sports round-up:

Mariano Rivera a closer? or just plain loser? Two appearances, two blown saves. Boston may have lost the opening series, but if it all comes down to them and the Yankess again, they are already inside Rivera's head.

Sean May says he'll forego the NBA draft and return to UNC. There has been no definitive word from Rashad McCants or Raymond Felton, but personally, I won't believe that any of these three are coming back until the draft has come and gone without them. And, I wouldn't be totally sad to see them go. I know Coach Williams can reload, and while the Heels won it all, their teamwork and dedication was less than inspiring.

With College Hoops over, it's time to turn our attention to the tail end of the Men's Volleyball season. The good news: The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors are #6 in the nation with an honorable, though un-Hawaii record of 16-7. The bad news: The teams that are #1-5, only Penn State is not in Hawaii's conference. Hawaii always blows it when they are #1 or #2. Maybe this is just what they need.

- B -

"I wouldn't say he was respected. But he was well-known."
Not that I ever plan on shooting anyone, but if I did, I would hope for a better comment than that! There has been a shooting in Texas. With the shooter still at large, about the best anyone has said of him is the quote above and a hint that he might have had some kind of terminal illness.


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