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An update on GM's Fastlane blog. They screen their comments over there. Now to their credit it's not a complete whitewash. If you check out the 81 and counting comments on Lutz's "the media is taking this all out of proportion" post, his last before being sent to GM's version of the Eastern Front, you'll find sentiments running the full range between "rah-rah" and "who are you trying to kid?"

So, I'm particularly honored to have been enough of a smart aleck to be blocked!

- B -

Speaking of autos, apparently the fast food industry is taking a lesson from auto-makers: bigger is better, obnoxiously big is better still, and irresponsibly big is best! During the games this weekend I saw the commercial for that new BK breakfast sandwich twice, and I swear I gained 10 lbs! I mean, they might just as well finish the job and throw a helping of biscuits and gravy on that thing!

I was an account for a fast food franchiser up until a year ago. The thing that had hurt us the most over the past few years was diet-mania with Adkins, South Beach and others gaining ground. Across the board the fast food industry responded with salads and other low carb, low fat and low cal offerings.

All of a sudden it's as if there is a contest on to see who can have the biggest, unhealthiest, most fat-laden, calorie-laden sandwich in town. The fact that an item boasts a day's worth of calories is now a selling feature!

This is not a good trend, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it has been successful. Heck, if people will buy vehicles that they can't handle, why would we expect good judgment when it comes to food?

- B -

And over at the sport formerly known as hockey, the impass continues as the players' union shot down two more owner proposals without offering any ideas of their own. And so, with MLB making moves (although they are still token gestures) on the steroid front, the NHL may soon overtake them as the most disfunctional league in all of sports.


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