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Great news! Randy Baseler, the Boeing VP of Marketing, has upgraded his blog (OK, he's a VP - someone probably upgraded it for him). It has a slightly sharper look, but more important, he's got feeds.

Until now, next to a Little Aardvark, Randy's was my favorite of the blogs that I can't subscribe to on Bloglines (i.e. that I have to check the old-fashioned way - by clicking on the bookmark in my "favorites" folder).

I make fun, but this aggregator thing is awesome. It used to be that I kept my own bloglist up by adding code to my template each time - and I'd follow my favorites by clicking on the links on my own blog. Now, I keep abreast of 121 feeds (I just axed several newspapers because they insisted on a subscription - free doesn't change the fact that it's a nuisance, guys). That's a good bit of info, but by today's standards that makes me a relative lightweight.

My point is, they're quite right when they say that today, you've got have feeds.


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