Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer; Report to the War Immediately.

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I caught parts of "GI Jane" last night as I was flipping channels during the Tennessee game. It was as amusing as most military movies are.
  • There was the usual "first they hate her, but she pays it no mind and works hard, and as she goes the guys are slowly but surely surprised to see that she does some things well until eventually she wins them all over" theme.

  • I was kind of puzzled by the scenes of her working out, in the barracks I guess, on her own. I've never been to BUDS, but I do know that the whole time they give the guys precious little sleep and are absolutely grinding them into a pulp constantly during their waking hours, zapping every last ounce of energy they have. The kind of personal workout Moore was doing was not only physically impossible, it woiuld have been unnecessary. If I didn't know better, I'd swear they were just looking for an excuse to show Demi writhing around and sweating in a skimpy outfit.

  • Finally they took a page out of the classic Top Gun playbook. Demi and the rest of her class are on a sub getting ready for one of their final training exercises, when suddenly real life flares up. They have to break away from their exercise to go on a mission helping to extract a group of SEALs that were sent to retrieve part of a downed satellite.

At the end of Top Gun, Ice Man and Maverick have just graduated and are sipping red punch with Tom Skerritt when suddenly the call comes in. There is a "situation" and four members of the class must report to sea immediately to deal with it.

Let's face it - this doesn't even make sense from a layman's perspective. We've got hundreds of other pilots and three SEAL teams, many of them already at sea and/or tanding by for just such an eventuality, but instead they call for the kids just finishing up training.

Speaking of Top Gun, Tom Cruise was heading back to be an instructor when we left him. There couldn't be a more obvious sequel setup. I wonder what happened.


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